We Found Love Around The World

Whether you're curious about Formosa Film Co. and its roots or you want to learn more about us you have come to the right place!

Now we share it for others.

We don't just film love stories around the world because it's our job. Our love is deeply rooted in international travel and culture.

Ryan grew up on the island of Taiwan (originally called Formosa) where he lived until he moved to the United States for university. Catherine's family is proudly Norwegian and spends most of their days in the beautiful country.

Brekkefossen Norway

Our surprise proposal on August 3, 2022

What You Should Know About Us:

1) We believe having fun is a priority - let's pop open a bottle of Veuve and find something to celebrate

2) We are willing to try anything - from crazy foods to wild adventures

3) We have made it our goal to find the best Almond Croissant in the world - the current winner is at a random train station in London

Our Philosophy

We're Driven by storytelling

Your favorite podcast host and the fun relative who everyone can listen to for hours have one thing in common - they are amazing storytellers. No matter where you are from, one thing we all have in common is that we love listening to captivating stories.

While it is great to have a film that shows the highlights of your special day, it's even better to share it in a way that is exciting to any person. After spending hours reminiscing about at our own stories, we knew that every couple deserved to share their unique story too.

None of the videos we produce are exactly alike. Regardless of wedding trends or styles, our films always mimic the love story of our couples. We take time to learn about how you met so that we can craft a beautiful film that you will cherish for a lifetime.

Driven By

Story Telling

Story Telling

Story Telling

Driven By

Driven By

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